Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Nightmare

Unbidden, behind shuttered eyes,
A flimsy flicker of light… or an evil shade..?
A phantom and his spies, I descry
Stalking myriad folds of thought, in a darkened glade

The shadows pass, unnoticed,
Until the cold prickles my brow;
A shade unsheathes his ice blue falchion,
Chilling fear mounted on its prow.

It slashed cruelly through my mind-glass,
The rippling surface tore and shred to pieces.
Reserves of strength failing to the ruthless maws,
Even as I grappled with the unseemly foes

Just when his formless eyes met mine,
They stared me full in the face.
He watched the fear in every feature and every line,
And smiled: a horrifying ending to a deadly chase.

My eyes flew open, wide and strained.
Flecks of tears, the phantom’s footsteps,
Patrolled the rims as the darkness waned,
And light flooded in through the open window.

The fears the dark apparition had brought,
Vanished into the silence, like the ghostly strains of a half-finished song...
I felt like I'd won a war, half fought,
And half shared, with a phantom that lurked in me all along.

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