Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Magic Juke Box

Well, it was in the dead of a dark, bitter night;
The moon and stars were settled in their clouds,
Snugly fit in, with not a soul in sight
And the cold wind was grouchily doing his daily rounds..

A small girl sat at her window sill
And on the shelf of her hands, rested her chin.
On her lap lay a warm, over-patched quilt,
There she's sat, and who knows how long it's been.

The pin-pricks of light, holes in the dark skies,
Stared down at her and in her eyes were reflected.
The wind echoed her silent sighs
And down her cheeks a couple of diamonds raced.

At first, she heard nothing; no words of solace
Complete stillness engulfed the night
Then a few discordant notes began to play at an awkward pace
And the big, round moon smiled down from his great height

They played her favorite tunes, old and new,
Like a magic juke box, the night spoke and she listened.
The trees rustled, stars whistled and the frogs croaked in too..!
The music wove and spun a melody: it danced and healed her true.

And then, the quilt lay by her side,
The magic juke box played soft notes and soothing beats,
It moaned, rustled, creaked and sighed;
And the diamonds lay scattered on her pillow pleats.

Soon the moon vanished to attend to a chore,
The stars ducked in for a night cap.
Still a bright light spilled onto the floor:
The beautiful smile on her face from the juke box on her lap..

-me :)

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