Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Autobiography Of A Watch

This was a story I wrote when I was very young... Thought I'd share it..Enjoy..!

“It was time”, or rather in human words, I was born on December 3, 19:34, 16 seconds. The great HMT manufacturers made me. They gave me a sleek body of golden color, a brown strap, and golden needles with Roman markings on it. My siblings and I were then immediately sold, to a dealer but since that fateful day, I have been lying here, in this glass box. Many children came and tried me, admired me and at last discarded me. For about 3 months the same had occurred again and again. Being a watch is not all fanfare and fame! There is a lot of competition, always like your shadow! And if you are not sold for 5 months you will be demolished to make a new model. Well, as they say – “Sweet are the fruits of patience”. After long last, a pretty girl chose to buy me. She took me home only for me to find more competition. All around in her room were about 10 to 20 watches! But I was carefully looked after for the first week, when my novelty lasted. Later she began wearing another watch, saying that I ‘bored her’. Later I was pushed away, scratches came all over me and my polished strap lost all shine. But one fine day, again she wore me to a party, but here my worst disaster was yet to fall. My worn out strap slipped out of her hand and I fell into a mug of water. The water entered my system and before I knew it my needles stopped. My mechanical heart also stopped! After that I don’t remember much, but later at the “Time doctor’s” shop I heard him say, “I’m sorry, he’s gone”. The pretty girl was sobbing all over and then I realized I was not in my golden brown body but in an aluminum one! And once again, I realized - it was time!

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