Monday, January 20, 2014

The Conflict

A beautiful moon, a starlit sky;
All the best things of things gone by.
A laughing face,
No worries, not a trace.

What happened then to those days?
Why did you leave that beautiful place?
So eagerly, in search of more,
Looking behind door after door.

And one day you circled back,
Feet weary, hauling a torn up sack;
You came back to where you started from,
Couldn’t walk back in, but lingered some.

Watched through the glazed window,
The warmth inside, memories of long ago;
You yearn, you moan, you try to recreate,
You try, you fail and curse your fate!

You ask yourself why, and where and how,
Your tears fall free, and head bows.
Was it wrong to leave that moment behind?
With all its perfection, will there ever be another of its kind?

Look down at the fog that is today,
Carelessly, stepped into while your eyes were astray.
Looking back, unseeingly, at that memory long gone,
That perfect moment, that day, that dawn.

Now do you blame Fate, who can only lead the way?
What could She do, if you were looking away?
Another dark thought, that of guilt,
Hanging over you like a leaden quilt.

So it’s my fault, is it?
That in my sadness I sit.
Wondering where all the light went?
Those angels, those smiles that God had sent?

Don’t pause, don’t stop!
Go on and on, chop, chop, chop!
Have you never looked back and seen how far you have come?
How much you have walked, flown and swum?

You looked, but never looked away.
You walk backwards and sway!

What point is it, looking forward?
Am I not blind to what comes onward?

And please don’t beg me to live in the present!
Enjoy every minute that God has lent;
When each minute is busy ticking into the past,
Walking backwards, indeed! All too fast!

So what do you suggest should be done?
The past, present and future are one!
I walk backwards, I can still see someone,
Moments I loved, even if they are done!

Walk forwards, head held high,
Drink in every sadness, and let it out in a sigh.
Those were beautiful moments, unforgettable were some!
But always remember the masterpiece is yet to come.


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