Monday, May 18, 2009

3 sentence stories -Once in a heartbeat.

“Once in a heartbeat!” the Moon said, “I see the two meet everyday”, to which the said the sparkling Sky, “Watch and you will have to swallow your words, for love is not all good as she is made out to be!”

At the end of the stipulated time, the Sky was heard laughing,” I win, for the fifteenth time, the two have not come even today!” to the Moon who had shrunk so much that she looked like a thin paper arc, wispy and frail; but even as he said it, they saw two dark figures running up to a holly tree, it was them of course, meeting after many days! As the Moon watched with renewed hope that seemed to strengthen her, the Sky darkened, fumed and fumbled for words and the Moon turned to her saying “There you go!” but she only saw a blushing Sky and his flaming bald head sinking beyond the horizon and she smiled bright and silver for all the world to see as she does even today upon lovers beneath her with an otherworldly glee…!

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