Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If every..

I hear a thousand words,
Sprinkled here and there;
Whispers of humming birds,
And murmurs of the grisly bears.

A shiny tear drop on the window,
Splop! Another on the back of my hand,
When the night is young and the sun is low,
And an eerie mist shrouds my land.

Then I think: if every laugh was a fairy!
Lithe, petite and bright,
Contently sleeping in a lily,
In the softly fading light.

If every smile were an angel!
Flying daintily on wings of pink,
Footsteps like a gently ringing bell,
With a knowing smile and a wink!

Thus, my thoughts travel realms unknown,
New even to me;
I think of the past and the sown,
And the dolefully pay the fee.

For every if every I come across,
A thought is born in the depths of my mind;
A picture, the truth or a toss?
Or just a thought, a worthless find..?

The only if ever I ever loved-
That a thousand words could not describe,
Which no birds or butterflies avowed,
And no grisly bears would part with (even for a bribe!)

Only when the world grew immeasurably huge,
And one felt smaller than ever,
Not even the mind seemed a safe refuge,
Everyone else so much clever'r!

Only then, it was to be found,
A pearl in the yawning chasm;
Silently, beckoning without a sound,
Splop! yet pretty loud in the abysm!

It says: if every sad heart were a rose,
Shedding its petals like tears,
Then in that act, it invariably chose,
To plant a seed at its own feet, my dears!

If every seed grew into a plant,
Tall and stately with ruby pears-
Angels and fairies from some far off land,
Will surely come looking, all-ears..!

And then the humming birds just sing,
And grisly bears turn away, roaring!
They may find elsewhere: eyelashes on which tears cling,
More plants waiting to be born, and petals that needed shedding..!
-ME :)