Monday, September 13, 2010

Of Reality

When I told her the rubies were fake
She believed me, for believing's sake
And I told her the words weren't true
She said I know, 'and so do you'.

The silk was cotton through and through,
There were no flowers, no fireflies on the dew,
The butterflies were of paper and confection,
The blue sky was just a cheap reflection.

Fluffly clouds, bought at their billowy best,
Were just dusty dandelions and all the rest;
Aimless markless, flying seeds,
The pearls were just shiny beads.

The clasp of the emeralds round her fair neck,
The golden dress trailing along the deck,
The sight of the night on the moonlit sea,
All a dream, a fantasy.

Never once did she believe me.
Not a single accusatory look, or plea.
For the bare truth that I gave her ,
Wrapped shabbily in glaze and lacquer

The day came when it could no longer be,
And all she did was smile at me.
A silver tear leapt at her cheeks,
'My dear', she said, 'all these days and weeks',

'I patiently listened to you tell me of the end
But by the river, at the road's bend
When you left me alone at the foggy fork
It was very much my real heart you broke.'

-Me :)

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