Saturday, October 1, 2011

A little learner

I think the saddest thing in the world,

Is an empty book.

A lifeless shell, it is

With no mystery to unfurl...!

Like a stage deserted by the actors,

Void it is of jovial and somber characters

As a dumb girl tries to speak,

So look the blank pages, morosely bleak…

And as it collects dust on the shelf,

I dare say, it has never felt,

The fragrance of fresh ink on itself...!

Moist fingertips, aquiver with excitement,

Have never touched its yellowing parchment...

Its gray cover, torn and peeled

A great fate sadly sealed.

What once should have held wisdom immortal,

Now lies empty, tatty and tired.

On my shelf, like a tarnished coral,

Neither sought nor admired.

And yet, when I asked the poor thing,

Staring at her kindly face, worn and withering,

What she thought of her pitiful fate,

She gave me, very jauntily, a jejune reply

Which reminded me strongly that she hailed from a century old date..!

But now, pondering about it cuts off my word supply

So, I shall simply tell you what she said.

[See if it sinks in - I certainly doubt it- it’s almost as heavy as lead!!]

"You are mistaken, my lil friend," was her word,

"As a not yet does not mean never,

My state maybe pitiful now, but it needn't be so forever!"

So, she was and is, as a book ought to be,

She played a game of words with me and I simply couldn't see..!

But when comprehension dawns on you,

Do remember to light my corner,

For you see, I am as I shall ever be, just a little learner... !!! ;)

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